The situation

Buildings account for 50% of the energy consumed.

The Reality

Generating and consuming renewable solar energy at source is the most efficient way of ensuring affordable, renewable and secure energy of all.

Our Solution

Transforming the role of the building envelope from passive conservation of fuel and energy to active generation of renewable energy.

Our Products

Sustainable energy solutions to seamlessly integrate into our everyday lives, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of a building.

Flextron is a ‘peel and stick’ module with integrated solar cells. Modules are attached to the approved substrate to create a roofing system that can be installed in the same way as a conventional roof.

Cost Effective

Reduce overall installation costs, save money on your
energy bills and get paid for the energy your panels

Lightweight & Flexible

BIPVco modules are extremely lightweight and
flexible, making them ideal for integrating onto
metal and membrane roofing systems


BIPVco solar modules contain a self cleaning top sheet to deter mildew,
dirt or other obstacles

Companies we work with

Case Studies

  • Zero House, Canada

    The Zero House, Toronto, offers an exciting new solution to tackle both carbon emissions from buildings and the lack of affordable housing.

  • SABMiller

    Global drinks giant SABMiller installed pioneering BIPVco Flextron solar-integrated roofing at one of its breweries in Nigeria.

  • Triangle House, Sussex

    A master carpenter has realised his dream of building an incredible Grand Designs triangular house on a half-acre..

  • Denmark Hill Rail Station

    New and improved Denmark Hill station delivers first “carbon positive” upgrade on rail network.