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Our Vision

To turn buildings into power stations, from consumer of energy to a generator and exporter of energy,
from a carbon liability to an asset, affordably and without compromises on its aesthetics.

The Situation

Buildings account for 50% of the energy consumed.

The Reality

Generating and consuming renewable solar energy at source is the most efficient way of ensuring affordable, renewable and secure energy of all.

Our Solutions

Transforming the role of the building envelop from passive conservation of fuel and energy to active generation of renewable energy.

From BIPVco Partners

Thoughts on BIPVco

BIPVCo’s Flextron solar modules combine effortlessly with the Kalzip AluPlusSolar aluminium standing seam sheets to help transform roofs into efficient, maintenance-free and superior renewable power generating assets without compromising on design intent or function. Easy to design in, install and backed by a system warranty for peace of mind on the journey to zero carbon buildings.
John McAlister, Kalzip Sales Director UK

I would recommend BIPVCo as a strategic development partner to any outfit that is looking to demonstrate 3rd generation PV technologies in the built environment at a relevant scale, in order to achieve product accreditation and market entry.

BIPVco Ltd are unique in the solar market. They bring innovation and dynamism, quickly adapting to and adopting a range of new technologies that are emerging commercially. These technologies deliver truly cost effective, highly efficient PV in ultra light weight modules which will transform the concept of BIPVco.