Project Description

The creation of an important new research facility at Prestwick in Scotland has included the largest installation to date of the innovative AluPlusSolar system, incorporating Flextron, the universal multi-purpose peel and stick flexble module.

This 8,200m2 Kalzip roof system incorporates a 127kWp integrated lightweight AluPlusSolar array, which will generate in excess of 111,000kWh p/a. More than 59 tonnes of CO2 emissions will also be avoided each year.

Crucially, the super thin Flextron PV laminate and connected equipment add just 3 Kg/m2 to the weight of the roof: a total saving of 8.5 ton across the development compared to standard systems

The KalzipĀ® solution has taken a considerable loading off the roof and reduces maintenance as we are only installing one product in lieu of a traditional PV panel and a walkway product. Aesthetically it also provides a better finish to the build. It also reduces the number of trades on the roof, which assists health and safety and reduces the likelihood of damage to the finished Kalzip sheet.

Tony McKay, Project Manager, Balfour Beatty

Many thanks and congratulations to the Balfour Beatty project team, Kalzip installer Fowler McKenzie and our partners BIPVCo for their support and impressive delivery of this key project for the Aerospace sector.

John McAllister, Sales Director (UK & Ireland) , Kalzip Ltd