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Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is fast becoming the Architects preferred approach for integration of solar PV into the building envelope.  BIPVco understand the challenges from the architectural, construction contracting and thermo-mechanical viewpoints – this is a highly challenging sector for solar module manufacturers.

BIPVco bring together form and function by combining established construction products with cutting edge solar solutions. BIPVco are committed to factory incorporation of PV functionality to the building fabric to drive quality, value and facilitate integrated solar architectural solutions.

Collaborating with major building envelope substrate and component manufacturers, BIPVco are able to offer sympathetically integrated solar powered roof and wall solutions. The thin film flexible solar cells are infused directly into contemporary building envelope substrates of metals such as steel, aluminium, stainless steel and zinc or non-metals such as TPO single ply membranes, polycarbonate sheets and certain types of plastics.

Our range of applications is constantly expanding, and BIPVco welcome the opportunity to work with ambitious architects and designers to extend BIPVco’s range of new applications and fulfil the design brief without compromise.