The Factory

BIPVco has developed in-house, highly innovative and high-output manufacturing systems that can facilitate the demands of a range of photovoltaic roof systems whilst maintaining the efficiency of manufacture and product quality at every stage of the process. Moisture-sensitive components and materials are stored and assembled in BIPVco’s dry assembly facility, maintained at a relative humidity of < 3% at 21 degrees Centigrade.

In-depth process analysis combined with advanced module architecture design has enabled the optimisation of material utilisation and reduced cycle times at all stages. In addition, BIPVco engineers employ established techniques such as RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance) to ensure maximum line availability.

Statistical Process Control regimes maintain process stability to ensure optimum quality. Combined with BIPVco’s all-encompassing TQP (Total Quality Performance) ethos and practices, these techniques put people at the forefront of operations, progress and innovation.

Providing a safe and stimulating work environment has been and will continue to be the paramount focus and driving force in BIPVco’s factory process design and operation. BIPVco Assembly Operators are trained to the highest standards and are multi-functional. Each sub-assembly and material input is tracked using unique barcodes. In addition, the operators themselves have unique barcode identifiers to enable any potential quality issues to be followed and corrective actions to be speedily carried out.

Each product is power rated on BIPVco’s in-house designed and manufactured SUN Simulator (which, at 6m x 2m, is one of the largest in the world) and then stored accordingly. Every module supplied will have its power rated on the SUN Simulator to enable customers to optimise their system design to ensure maximum yield.

BIPVco’s factory has completed the ISO 9001:2015 audit for the design, development, and manufacture of thin film building integrated photovoltaic systems. BIPVco has also completed the MCS (Micro Generation Certification Scheme) accreditation audit for BIPVco’s factory.