About BIPVco

BIPVco was established in April 2015 following 5 years of collaborative research between Tata Steel LCRI (Low Carbon Research Institute) and Swansea University with support from the Welsh government.

The research program developed ways of integrating thin-film CIGS PV cells directly onto the very substrates that make roofs and walls so that true BIPV functionality would become integral to the building envelope could be achieved without having to resort to heavy on site mounting systems.

Following further incubation for product design and development, the unique and bespoke manufacturing lines were designed and built by the in house team. The manufacturing processes was further enhanced to suit commercial production and the products and processes tested and  accredited ahead of commercial launch. This was followed by designing and building a number of pilot PV integrated roofs between 2015 and 2017 in varying climates including Nigeria, Canada, UAE and the UK to demonstrate suitability of product in all climates. The full commercial launch was effected in June of 2017.

BIPVco is an independent company with global investors and a dedicated senior management team with significant experience in sustainability, PV commercialisation / manufacture and building design &  construction. This gives BIPVco a good insight to be able optimise SOLARCH SYSTEMS the hybrid product that is effectively a SUN POWERED ROOF / WALL.

The manufacturing hub is based in South lake Drive, Imperial Park, Newport, NP10 8AS, UK