Project Description

Zero House is a collaboration between the Endeavour Centre and Ryerson University. It offers an exciting new solution to tackle both carbon emissions from buildings and the lack of affordable housing.

Students and faculty created a model building (one unit of a stackable townhouse design) that meets the highest goals in sustainable building. Using a wide range of natural and minimally-processed or recycled materials, Zero House provides its occupants with a zero energy bill. In addition, the solar electricity generated using unique BiPVco Flextron solar modules fully offsets the building’s energy usage.

The Zero House is built from carbon, with plant-based materials making up the vast bulk of the building’s assembly. Materials were selected to completely avoid red-list chemicals, questionable chemical content, or off-gassing materials. a unique through-wall ventilation system from lunos ensures excellent indoor air quality over the long term.

Zero House is proof that it is possible to meet the highest aspirations of the construction industry for reducing climate impacts, energy efficiency, occupant health and safety and ecological responsibility with existing technologies at an affordable cost.

Zero House Toronto