Project Description

Global drinks giant SABMiller installed “pioneering” BIPVco solar-integrated roofing at one of its breweries in Nigeria.

The project saw the drinks manufacturer pilot a 2kWp ‘built-in’ photovoltaic system installed on its brewery’s roof to drive down SABMiller’s carbon footprint.

SABMiller’s process engineering manager, Thomas Brewer, said the initiative was in line with the firm’s sustainability strategy as the roofing area of its Nigeria brewery offered a “massive opportunity” to turn the building into a power station that generates more energy than it uses.

“We are delighted to be associated with this pioneering manufacturing company that has taken the technology of integrating solar photovoltaic cells onto roofing substrates into a new paradigm.

The BIPVco advantages to SABMiller as a property owner were clear from the outset – to turn our roofs and industrial sites into power-producing buildings using elegant, lightweight, efficient and cost-effective technology, with no negative impact on the building’s structure or aesthetics.”

Thomas Brewer, Process Engineering Manager, SABMiller

Swansea University’s SPECIFIC programme facilitated the collaboration between the two firms, through which academic and industrial organisations team up to bring sustainable building solutions to market.

The technology uses highly efficient thin film solar cells that are as efficient as the typical Polycrystalline equivalent but are also lightweight, flexible and durable.

“As an underpinning of the confidence we have in our product, it is great to be able to work with companies like SAB Miller, whose vision and focus on developing sustainable solutions is key to the proliferation of technologies that can unlock the potential that roofs offer for clean, renewable energy generation.”

Daniel Pillai, Chairman, BIPVco