Project Description

We were approached by the Head of Sustainability from Portakabin Ltd. Portakabin were looking for a lightweight solar module that could be installed flat onto their modular buildings. The lightweight FLEXTRON solar photovoltaic panels were laminated on to metal carriers and positioned on the roof of Portakabin’s brand new flagship HQ in York, so that they could assess the performance of the product and the suitability for its use in new building design projects. Traditionally, Portakabin have had to use ballasted ‘A’ frames to anchor solar modules to roofs so that they didn’t have to penetrate the waterproof layer. Ballasted ‘A’ frames either proved too heavy or did not stay in place so alternative solutions were essential.

We are delighted to be associated with BIPVco who have worked closely with us to provide a solution that will enable us to further reduce the carbon footprint of our new buildings with this pioneering concept that combines the roof and solar systems. The industry leading thin-film technology BIPVco manufactured for us looks fantastic on our new headquarters and so far this year the system has performed beyond our expectations. As a modular buildings supplier, we are very keen to innovate with UK partners who can demonstrate methods and technologies that save time and money during the manufacturing process of our modular buildings.