Supporting British Manufacturing: Why It Matters

The world is getting increasingly smaller and more interconnected, resulting in a massive trade and cultural exchange.

However, it is sometimes easy to forget suppliers closer to home, especially for products such as UK-made solar panels in this international marketplace. When projects are being value-engineered, the temptation to buy cheap imported goods is high.
But what is the actual cost of those savings in the long term?

Here are some reasons why supporting British manufacturing matters:

1. Boosting the economy

Supporting British manufacturing can help boost the economy by creating jobs and generating revenue. When we buy products made in Britain, we are supporting local businesses and helping to keep money within the UK; this, in turn, can help to create a more stable and prosperous economy.

2. Reducing carbon footprint

Buying products made in Britain can help reduce your carbon footprint – the fewer miles we clock up delivering a product to you, the less harm they do to the planet.

3. Ensuring quality

British manufacturing has a global reputation for quality. When you buy something made in Britain, you’re purchasing a skillfully manufactured product built to last. Although these goods may be more expensive than imports, the fact is that British manufacturers are subject to strict regulations and quality control measures. So by supporting British manufacturing, we can be sure that we are getting products that are made to a high standard and are built to last.

4. Less risk in the supply chain

Those businesses that work with manufacturers in the UK have fewer risks associated with their supply chain as they don’t need to import their finished products.

Proud to be Made in Britain

By choosing to buy products that are made in Britain, we can make a positive impact on the world around us and contribute to a more sustainable future.

BIPVco is unique; we are the only UK manufacturer of flexible thin film solar. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing hub is based in Newport, south Wales, and all our modules are manufactured on-site.

Want to know more about the benefits of UK manufacturing, visit Made in Britain.