Research showed that there are two main issues with conventional solar PV systems for mobile applications. Firstly, traditional crystalline silicon modules are heavy, fragile and very un-aerodynamic (when installed) performance in sun and heat; all of which created problems when installing them onto vehicle roofs and imposed limitations in use. Secondly the system requires a heavy supporting frame to be installed on the roof by piercing the vehicle shell.

The challenge was to develop a highly efficient, low profile, flexible and lightweight solar solution that could be stuck directly onto the vehicle roof without the need for any specialist components or tools or knowledge.

BIPVco’s sister company, Mobile Integrated Photovoltaics (MIPV), have partnered with Sika Adhesives to develop a highly efficient and integrated Photovoltaic solution ideal for the leisure market. Removing the need for a framing system. MiPV Leisure solar products can be securely installed directly on the roofs of motor homes, caravans, boats and motor vehicles