Project Description

For this residential project the client wanted an unobtrusive finished metal roof with integrated solar, and a system that would increase the building’s efficiency to achieve an EPC A rating to allow for a discounted “Green” mortgage. With a 4.4 kWp Flextron solar system, an air source heat pump, high insulation levels and a low infiltration rate, an EPC A rating was achieved within budget and without compromising on the aesthetics of the unusual building design.

This is the first project we have carried out using a BiPVco product. After exploring several options with other manufacturers and suppliers, we found that the FLEXTRON product was the ideal solution. By utilising the associated Tata steel roof panels with the FLEXTRON system we were able to meet both the aesthetic and the technical requirements for the project. The client was happy to have a cost-effective solution that exceeded his expectations when compared to other possible solutions. We were impressed with the pre-sales service and the assistance given in order to finalise the scheme, and BiPVco’s ability to answer all queries and question’s we had along the way. We are looking forward to specifying and installing BiPVco projects in the future.

Jeff Clarke, Energy My Way