Project Description

Ness and Nevis House needed to be re clad with a new roof and the client originally envisaged the installation of traditional solar panels to meet the required 5MWH of solar energy to satisfy targeted SAP calculations. Kalzip UK persuaded the client of the benefits of using BIPVco’s Flextron modules as a means of elegantly and efficiently meeting the desired objectives.

The 4.75 KW capacity installation is expected to yield 5.08 MWH / annum of energy.The ‘butterfly design’ of the roof with a central gutter is on a 6 degree pitch. The thin film CIGStechnology of the Flextron modules has superior low light / low pitch performance and the ‘multiple diode’ design feature ensures that any loss due to shading is limited in proportion to the shaded area. The self cleaning top surface enables the modules to be kept clean even at this slope.

We were particularly impressed with the simplicity of the BIPVco solar integrated roof system. Once we had installed the roof, all we needed to do was connect the modules to each other using the provided MC4 connectors.

We were impressed with the pre-sales service and the assistance given in order to finalise the scheme, and BiPVco’s ability to answer all queries and questions we had along the way. We are looking forward to specifying and installing BiPVco projects in the future.

Curtis Moore, Cladding Systems Ltd (a national Kalzip installer)